Review: Every Yesterday by Nancy Naigle

51ZEjMq-SnLNancy Naigle
Every Yesterday
Release: August 30, 2016
(paperback $9.98; e-book $4.99; free on Kindle Unlimited)
In Every Yesterday, Nancy Naigle returns to the fictional North Carolina town Boot Creek.  Naigle’s new release (published August 30) is chock-full of sleepy Southern charm.  Naigle deftly creates a world where the tea is sweet, the humidity is heavy, and the ties that bind are unbreakable.  Independent Megan meets interminable bachelor Noah when they are paired as maid of honor and best man in their friends’ wedding.  Bonding over a love of old cars and the baggage they both carry, Megan and Noah find love despite their mutual reticence.

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