Release: The Protector


Jodi Ellen Malpas’ new book The Protector releases today.  To be honest, we haven’t read it yet (top of the TBR list), but we are OBSESSED with the cover art of this book.  flameflameflameflameflame

Lola remarked to Elinor that it reminded her of The Bodyguard.  Elinor agreed, but thought The Protector was even sexier because the girl isn’t wearing poor Whitney Houston’s uncomfortable-looking leather getup.  Either way, the branding for this book is totally on point: sexy imaging, movie-poster style cover design, reminiscent of a classic.  Way to work it, Jodi Ellen Malpas.  And now we’re going to have “I Will Always Love You” stuck in our head all day 😉

theprotector12_rgb300     the_bodyguard_1992_film_poster