Ratings System

Hey everyone!

Our review system is pretty simple.  We’re going to use two metrics to reflect the two different things we think you might want out of a romance novel.

starFirst, we’ll rate books for their literary  quality.  This means that we’re looking for story-telling, exposition, plot, details, dialogue, and style.  In our reviews, we’ll discuss how the books succeeded and where they could have been better.  When you’re looking at our reviews, the quality rating will be out of five stars.

flameSecond, we’re rating books in terms of sexiness.  Books that are sweet, but not terribly explicit, will receive one out of five flames.  We’ll denote steamier books by four, or even five, flames.

We like to keep this site generally positive, so for right now we only post reviews that are 3 stars or higher.  We come from the world of academia, and, yeah, we tend to be pretty tough graders.  To give you some idea of how our rating works, here’s how we see the rankings:

Books that earn three stars are solid, well-written, delightful books.  They may not have blown us completely away, but they’re definitely recommended by the Anonymisses!

Four star books are fantastic.  Books that are rated as four stars are enthusiastically recommended by Elinor and Lola; they generally have lovely prose, compelling stories, and awesome romances!

A five star rating is really rare for the Anonymisses.  We only give this out to books that have totally exceeded expectations and are likely to end up on our Forever Favorites shelf.