Behind the Masks

the women behind the masks

A Note About Us

Welcome to Anonymisses, a book blog written by two lifelong lovers of romantic fiction.  From dastardly dukes to daring dames and friends to lovers to second chances, romance novels make possible a world where healthy female sexuality and dynamic relationships live just around the corner from happily ever after.  While we’re super proud of this exciting, feminist genre, (alas!) we work in the snobby, uptight boy’s club of academia, where women’s fiction is often seen as a distraction from “real” writing.  As aspiring professors beholden to future hiring committees, during the day we study alongside our fellow citizens of the ivory tower.  At night, we shed the tweed, don our masks, and slip between the sheets with the tales romance readers know and love.  Instead of using our own names, we’ll publish this blog and our (in-progress!) novels under the pseudonyms Elinor Wolfe and Lola Quirk.

We’re so excited to be part of the incredible community of romance readers, readers, and bloggers.  Thank you for visiting; please stay and have a look around!

myAvatar-5Elinor Wolfe

Elinor’s illicit love for illicit stories began the day her 7th grade English teacher caught her hiding a Harlequin Desire behind her textbook.  An anthropologist by day and an aspiring romance novelist by night, Elinor is a devotee of ice tea, naps, and Chicago Style formatting.  She’s an equal opportunity reader of romance, but her forever favorites are historicals and steamy contemporaries.  When she isn’t reading or writing she can most likely be found on her bike, in a bookstore, or shooing the birds out of her garden.

myAvatar-3Lola Quirk

Lola is a longstanding reader of romance.  Although frequently toting around heavy school tomes, Lola can always be found with a romance novel in her bag.  A fan of mocha lattes, red wine, and dashing heroes, Lola can generally be found in the library, in the romance section of bookstores, or at home scrawling on her whiteboard and organizing her wide array of school supplies.  She reads a variety of romance, but has a soft spot for historicals.