2 Devoted Readers Seeking Perfect Romance Hero


2 DR’s (Devoted  Readers) seek PRH (Perfect Romance Hero) for LLA (Lifetime of Literary Adoration).

PRH must possess each the 6 following criteria.*, **  All others need not apply.

*Willing to accept 5 out of 6 under certain–very rare!–circumstances, such as: the hero is too smart to be brave or too bad to be good (on certain sexy occasions).

Please write back to inquire if you meet the requirements for an exception.

1: Brains

Nothing steams up our glasses like a man with something between his . . . ears (get your minds out of the gutter, readers!).  However it manifests–book lover, science nerd, sharp legal mind, or reader of people–our PRH has a very sizable intellect, and he knows how to use it.

2: Brawn

At Anonymisses we like our boys with some brawn.  The bigger the shoulders, the better!  But even more than breadth, we want a man whose physical appeal is so magnetic that our heroine can’t keep her eyes (or hands!) off him.  This doesn’t mean he has to be perfect or fit some movie star ideal.  We just want him to have that special something that the heroine simply can’t resist.

3: Bravery

It’s true, we want a hero who’s brave.  He doesn’t have to charge into battle or win every fight (in fact, we’d prefer a hero who makes love, not war), but he must have the courage to face his fears, whether they’re of heights, spiders, or longterm commitment.  Our hero isn’t afraid to be vulnerable or to let himself fall in love, even when he knows it will change his entire life.

4: Goodness (Gracious!)

If there’s one thing we want our PRH to be, it’s a good man.  None of this questionable integrity, shady behavior stuff.  But that doesn’t mean we want him to be too good.  We love a sweet man who knows how to talk (and sometimes play) dirty.  After all, what’s the fun of having a good man in your life if he isn’t sometimes a bad boy in bed?

5: Heart

Our perfect hero has a big, big heart, even if it’s sometimes hidden beneath a tough exterior.  He loves profoundly, and he’s loyal to those he holds dear.  Even if he starts out as a clammed-up committment-phobe, by the end of the book the hero has learned to process and share his emotions.  Don’t worry, hopefuls: it’s totally acceptable if it takes some help from the heroine to get there.

6: Generosity

We Misses love a man who knows how to give.  Our PRH is generous with his time, his attention, and his affections.  He’ll care more about the heroine’s happiness (and pleasure!) than his own, and will spend his days trying to give her everything she has ever wanted.  And he’ll have enough of Requirement #1 to look for a woman who will do the same!

Additional qualities that indicate excellence are acceptable.  They may include, for instance, a hero who:

a: has an accent (super duper extra bonus points for a Scottish brogue)

b: looks heart-stoppingly good in a kilt

c: could scrub laundry on his abs

and d: would be madly in love with us if he weren’t, you know, not real (sad face!).***

***That’s all just icing on the cake…but who likes cake without icing, anyway?! No one we’d invite to a party, that’s who!

One thought on “2 Devoted Readers Seeking Perfect Romance Hero

  1. I love your hero best qualities, and I agree with everyone of them, and as we have seen from so many of our favorite books our authors know what we al want too…. Can I add a pair of vibrant green eyes ? That would be the icing on the cake for me.


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