Hello romance world!  Welcome to our brand-new blog.  We are so thrilled to be joining the romance conversation and community!  Although we have a few posts for your perusal, today is our first official day, so we wanted to take the time to briefly introduce ourselves.

We are two lifelong lovers of romantic fiction.  In our real lives, we are both aspiring professors.  Because of the stuck-up world of academia, we are forced to write this blog under the pen names Elinor Wolfe and Lola Quirk.  Although we are incredibly proud to be romance readers, blogger, and (hopefully) writers, the reality of hiring committees and tenure track jobs means that we will be part of the romance community anonymously.

However, while our names are masked, our opinions definitely are not.  Our goal is to read great books, write thoughtful and fun reviews, help you find your next favorite author, and talk to you awesome romance readers and writers!  We’re hoping for a dialogue here; perhaps you love an underappreciated author, or you’re looking for a particular feature on a romance blog– if so, we want to hear from you!  Let us know what you like and don’t like, what you wish to see more of, or if you’d like to join the conversation (leave a comment on our posts or stop by our Contact page)!  

Please take a look around and explore the content we have ready for you.  You can find out more about us on our Behind the Masks page and find out about ways to get involved on our Policies page.  We’ll be adding content regularly, so keep coming back for new stuff.  Thanks for being one of our first readers!

heart-1179072_640The Anonymisses

6 thoughts on “Welcome!!

  1. Just a quick stop to welcome you to the blooging world 🙂
    Someone said the same to me when I started a few years ago, so I say it to you now:
    “You’re on the dark side now! Enjoy it! I hope you have many ups to encourage you, enough downs to exercise persistence, and plenty of new dreams to replace the old ones. Blog about what you love and you’ll always love blogging!”

    Hugs and kisses from Melanie
    @ https://bookworm2bookworm.wordpress.com/


  2. Hello Lola and Elinor, Welcome to the blogging world, your blog is so lovely and I am sure that it is going to be a huge success. I only started blogging late last year and I have never come across such a friendly, welcoming and supportive bunch especially with fellow Historical Romance bloggers. I am going to pass on some advice what I was told, which is just enjoy yourself. Read what you love and have fun 💖


  3. Yay! More reading ladies of romances! Glad to have y’all join us. One thing though of course, don’t stress yourselves if y’all can’t blog every day of the week, just do your thing and catch up with us whenever possible. So Happy Reading!


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