3 thoughts on “A little more about us

  1. I love the history of how you met and how your blog came into being. I met Wendy, a lady who has become a dear friend, through Facebook about two years ago. We discovered we shared a love of Historical Romances and, as she lived only and an hour and a half away by train, we arranged to meet in Cardiff and have been fast friends ever since. In two weeks time, we are heading for the USA to attend the Historical Romance Retreat being held in Spokane, WA. It’s going to be amazing because we will be able to meet many of our top favourite authors and other readers who we are friends with on Facebook, but have never actually met in person.


    • It is so cool how romance can bond people together. We were supposed to be school colleagues and now we’re great friends, thanks to our shared interest in romance novels! Have fun at the Retreat, make sure you post about it on your blog so we can live vicariously through you!

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      • I will be doing a blog post after I come back. I hope to keep a daily diary while I’m there and, of course, I’ll be taking lots of photos. Many of those attending will be wearing period costumes. 🙂


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