Top 10 Reasons We Love Romantic Fiction



1. The guys are always hot.
No matter your type, there’s a romance novel hero for you. Whether you like them smart, stoic, or full of swagger, someone has written hero to fulfil your fantasies.

2. The women are dynamic.
Some are sweet and some are spicy. Some are refined and some are reckless. Whether you envision yourself as a damsel-in-distress or a take-no-prisoners kind of gal, you’ll find a heroine with whom you can identify.

3. The sex is good.
We’re fans of everything, from romance by candlelight to tearing up the sheets. A good romance affects your mind… and body.

4. Female inhibitions are out the door.
Not only is the sex good, but romance novels are a place where female sexuality can be explored and celebrated! What’s not to love about that?

5. The relationships take work, but it’s always worth it.
No romance novel couple is perfect; as readers, we get to experience the hardships, heartbreaks, and happiness of the characters. Romance reading is really an exercise in empathy.

6. The research is really impressive.
We can’t tell you the number of books we’ve read that have taught us something interesting. We’ve learned about the ins and outs of fighting forest fires, the rigid rules of the Regency era, and the history of the Jacobite Rebellion, to name a few. Romance authors put great effort into accuracy– and we get to benefit from that.

7. It’s an escape from everyday life
No matter how much you love your life (we’re pretty crazy about ours), everybody needs an escape now and then. Romance novels are the ultimate escapist literature. By escapist we don’t mean uncomplicated or naive, we just mean that they have the potential to sweep you away to another place and time (and sometimes on the back of a Highlander’s steed or a privateer’s ship!).

8. Did we mention the sex is good?
And it can carry over into real life.  Contrary to naysayers, reading steamy sex scenes can turn up the heat between your actual sheets 😉

9. The romance community rocks
Romance readers are the friendliest and most social type of reader there is. Friends are made in both bookstore aisles and the blogosphere. We’ve loved seeing the camaraderie amongst romance fans and now we are thrilled to be a part of it!

And, of course,

10. There’s always a happy ending.

One thought on “Top 10 Reasons We Love Romantic Fiction

  1. I love your list and agree with all 10 points. The romance community definitely rocks because during 4 years since I started my blog I have made some wonderful online friends and interacted with some of my top favourite authors. In four weeks time, I will actually be meeting many of my favourite authors and a number of Facebook friends in person when I make the trip to Spokane, WA to attend the Historical Romance Retreat.


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